a room

I like it, but I don’t understand wath there is on the sofa.
Aniway it’s really nice
Bye bye bullx :slight_smile: Ci vediamo! lol

red pillow?

Looks like a sheet of paper. Make it fatter. And fix those #$!%&% blinds!



This might be a little unrealistic, but you could change the color of the light coming in through the window slightly and make it semi transparent so that you could see cars or something through the window. Idk, maybe I’m getting way to into this. You wouldn’t use transparency exactly… Ugh, nevermind, it looks great.

Looking very, very good.

Any chance of a higher res image so we can see the detail a little better?


yes of course, i’m waiting for a 2000 fly around animation just now, but it’s 13 minutes/frame on my machine, but i can render a static image on a different machine
i’ll post it tomorrow

i’m rendering a bigger image (800x600) but in the while here we have an other point of view.(it’s frame 1500 in the animation)


What is the texture you used on the couch?

is a simple procedural “leather” made whit noise & voronoi mapped as bump.
if you are talking of the wall blue-thing, that it is the logo of my company.
i’m planning to use thia animation as a part of our demoreel.

bigger version here:

i like the lamp :slight_smile: