A room

I decided to make a room and make it as lifelike as possible. Have been working on it for a long time making all the assets myself except the computer chair (which i am going to make a new version off) and the computer which I also plan to make new again. Those things are downloaded from blender architecture wiki.

The room in the first draft.

The new furniture that i going to append into the room to get a new more modern look cause the bookshelf and the stereo bench and such was just made in a hurry. Want more design furniture. Scanned and textured all the the books in the self.

Next up is the sofa that I think need a new frame. Been modeling the new furniture with bezier curves ans circles.

Very very nice. Im looking to do a similar project after i finish messing around with an external model. This is the sort of thing that i really enjoy, especially when it starts looking photo real.

A lil way to go but i think your definitely heading in the right direction! Good job

After some fiddling around i made another furniture. It seems like i am going to change most of what is in the room.



Wow, that is awesome work.

I really like the bookshelf design. It’s improbable but workable, and definitely good-looking. Ditto for the desk and stereo bench. I’m not so sure about the couch, though. It looks very nice, but it also looks like the wood will splinter and the glass will shatter when you sit on it. I just finished my first architectural visualization, a chair. It’s whimsical, and it’s also about as implausible as your couch–I think that it needs editing to seem real. I think what makes the other pieces of furniture you designed so cool is that the more you think about their design, the more it makes sense from practical, physical, and aesthetic viewpoints. The couch would look even better if it appeared physically possible. Maybe another support on the bottom or something. . .

About the couch is that it has 2 metal beams that goes from side to side to support the whole construction + that the beams is holding up the glass self on either side. Then there is the back that act as a 3rd leg. I anted to have the sofa looking as floating as posibble. Where the supporting legs would be invisible.

very good, you using indigo?

I am using luxrenderer.

wow, i just got the new version.

I really like the design. I guess I was just a little oversensitive to furniture looking impossible because of my last project, but then again, that was the point of the couch. . .

Great work, can’t wait to see it incorporated into the room. . .

More furnitures. I am feeling that i am moving more and more away from the original room a the furnitures are being made.


I have an issue with this bezier curves. how to close the endings on them?

Added a stool or whatever it is called in english.


Also made a computer screen. The ceyboard i had downloaded from blenderarcitecture site. Just added other materials and rendered it. All the furnitures and such is in extarnal files so i can build a furniture library.


i think the room itself is a little boring, its just a simple box, make some more stuff going on with the walls

needs a flat tv.
renders are coming along!

as the original picture shows it is more on the walls. as this is just an furniture library for now. Wait and see how it gets. :slight_smile:

thats looking really cool. those designs are quite impressive. the book shelf shows a fantastic level of attention to detail so well done… i think you could make something much better than that keyboard design, your designs are far better than the stuff you’ve gotten from the wiki.

i think your room will have to be made much larger to give that furniture room to breath. the current room looks too crowded and i would think anyone with the money to buy furniture like yours would also have the money to have a house big enough for it.

very cool so far

i think the camera angle needs to be adjusted, it would nice to be able to see the ceiling, trim, and baseboards

What I am making is only test renders to showcase the design of the furnitures. Nothing else for now.

Made a new office chair.


great work dude, but i dont think your foot stool or those office chairs fit with your lounge. the cushions are more rounded - especially on the top of the lounge, and look to protude past the wood framing and the chair and footstool don’t. the back rests on the chair also don’t fit with your lightness of design - they look rather clunky. that large lump of wood and foam is really out of place.

Designed som speakers to go with it all. I wanted to have them look like very expensive and like a sculpture. What you think?i used the same material for the wood as the chair and the metal is aliminium.nk material. Rendered it in lux as usual using 3 point lights.