A room

Still need to add some stuff to this room, so if you have any suggestions pls write in the comments.***My portfolio: http://adamszablewski.cgsociety.org/

Seems like a nice start, I would consider adding some type of cleets or frame mounting for the shelves, right now they seem to magically be floating in mid air. The picture on the wall seems like it is positioned too high. If that is an angled ceiling than maybe not.

Also the shadows indicate a powerful light source on the left, while the window is on the opposite side. Lastly, the bottom drawer seems to be placed too low. I’d just leave it out. The window sill might be made thicker.

I agree with the previous comments. Overall the image is very nice! It has a great atmosphere. Nice job. :slight_smile:

Changed some things here and there

Another update

I like the new table a lot! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I like it too. The other table didn’t just fit in

I think, I’m pretty much done with this one. If you don’t think so, just write out what to fix here :smiley: