a root problem, energy lighting

here is my problem, i have looked around, tested and tested again, and i finally came to somthing i like. i used a hemi light pointed at the camera so that the glass parts are illuminated from the inside.
the bad part is that once the camera moves it doesnt look so good anymore. so how can i make the hami light, move witht eh camera so that it will always remain in the center, but will always point att eh camera? i tried track to but that didnt work too well.

further more, i want that the light kinda moves out and illuminates som of the area around it. below is the cube with some editing in photoshop to make it look like what i mean. this is the effect that i am looking for but i want it all to be done in blender.

post production ( i know its bad but this is the general idea of how i want it to look

if anyone could help me out with this, it would be great, i tried everything i know of but it seems that i am missing something:S [/img]

If you want the hemi to follow the camera, you constrain it to the hemi light (AltT in object mode I believe, then old style tracking, afterwards ctrlR to clear rotation).

But if you want the effect that you show in the bottom image, you should place a spotlight for each opening so that they all shine outward. Use halo for all the spotlights, and you’ll get that effect you’ve been looking for.

What if you put a regular lamp inside your box to emit some light on the surroundings a bit, and then used spotlights with halo enabled set to the color you need to have the “streaks” of light coming from the box? I’ve tried it a bit, and it looks pretty good. (I haven’t tried animating it, though.)


awesome, its looks great

thank you for the help, heres a picture, (im still tweaking the right intensity of the spot lights:))

That looks really good! Almost like volumetrics… How?