A rosebush.

Hi there !

I didn’t know what to do this afternoon, so I’ve switched on my computer, and started Blender (of course ! :D).
So I’m going to do a little project : a image, which will represent a rosebush. For the style, I’ve tested a lot of thing, and I think a cartoon style with only red (for the rose) and black and white (for the tree) will be nice for this image.

So, I’ve attached my wip.

Thank’s for your coms !



The rose looks good, but I’d make sure that even if some of the steams face up, have the head of the rose facing to the camera.

The rose is good and the stem/branch looks like it is made of metal, I think that is cool if you have living roses growing from a metal bush:D .

Here is a new version. I’ve decided to put the AO on for a better render. Do you prefer the precedent render or this one ? :slight_smile:

I’m not a very quick modeler, but I think I’ll finish this image next week.


Ok, I’ve just finished this little project.
Here is the adresse :