A RPG game by RockyMadio - not named yet

I dont know how to name it yet -.-


This is my first 3d RPG game. I make it myself, within Blender, yes… I learnt using this programm for 1 month and started to make it for 2 weeks. ^^ I hope it will be a nice game. The graphic of it isnt so well done …

Thanks for watching!

If the Model and its Animations are yours, then you have quite some Visuals already – most People tend to push around Cubes most of the Time.
You seem to learn fast, but I suggest you should consider usin’ a newer Version of Blender, except you have a good Reason not to do so. (I guess it is 2.49 – if you ever decide to change to 2.5 or 2.6 you would have to rework quite some Things, that might be annoyin’…)

You Basics seem to work fine, good Luck with this Project!

Watched your Channel.
A polyglot and multicultural Artist of various visual and musical Kinds – you seem to be a cool Guy, I’ve gotta say.

A great start. awesome model hope to see more progress.

she’s sure got some assets!

That’s what i was thinking… But i didn’t know how to say what i was thinking haha.

Thank you much ligari, for your nice comments^ ^/. the version i am using is 2.49b. I ve got some problems with 2.5 and 2.6. they dont run well and always hide the whole menus automatically. so
its hard to make a work for 15 min.

thank you all!

This is a new update of my game project.

This women has now advanced armors. ( which she can get in game ).
And the first monster ( the green one on this picture).
I have designed it before in microsoft paint.

-.- I dont have so many time so this project just grows slowly …

cool. Hey, slow updates is better than none at all. Keep up the good work.

BLACK Angel Wings! Yep, that’s a cool Feature. :]