a rune factory blender game

hey. im currently in need of ALOT of advices. i’ve been using blender for 1 month. and i just have a small dream of making a rune factory-like game. kinda like this:
so i kinda know the basics of blender: like modeling, rigging, animating, and lil’ bge basics.
so here’s the q’s.
can i make a game like rune factory, with it’s graphics?(i like harvest moon too)
do you think the BGE can handle it? (like talking to npcs)
and i have no knowledge of python(except the ol’ “hello world”)
should i use the BGE? or will it be better to use other game engines?(unity3d, shiva3d, panda, ogre, etc)
logic bricks or python?
some useful and help would be very much appreciated. please anyone?

#1 RPGs are THE hardest genre to create a game for… unless you count MMORPGs

#2 could it handle it / the graphics? most likely. check mike pan / martinsh / the finished projects forum for more insight into just how darned cool things can look.

#3 you will definitely need to know more python, unless you gather a team… but if you’re looking for coders, make sure you have some art ready, a good fist full of game objects go a long way to exciting people to your cause - a completed scene will show you have commitment to the project already.

#4 it depends what you know, who you know, whether you garner a support team as per #3, etc etc

Common recommendations are to start small, you learn ALOT from just very basic delves into the BGE, i know i do, each little project i begin / fail at :smiley:
And i cant stress that point #3 enough… maybe start small on your game props, then you are improving your modeling / texturing skills, creating usable resources (which helps keep up your enthusiasm for the project too, progress is exciting!), and gives you something tangible for you to garner excitement in others as well!

It is possible.
If you can - depends on your own abilities.


Your game your choice!

This is like: Should I eat or should I drink?

In a game with all these features, you will need both … a lot of both.

Here we are :wink:


first of all, the blender community is surprisingly helpful and quick. (that’s you)
@saeblundr so, this is what i will be doing. correct me all you want.
i have ALOT of qs for python. from camera, hud, and animating.
i will make my characters(modeling, rigging, texturing,etc) . then make my environments(terrain(how do you make terrains?), houses,etc). then add some objects. then i will learn python. for making quests/missions for my game. uhm. where do you think i should start learning python? i mean, ALOT always say “there’s alot of tuts on the net, just search for it on google”. but can you give me a direct link on tutorials? pdfs and videos are good. python tuts: from making a model move, to setting up the huds(the healthbar, game map,etc), to making npcs interactive so that i could have my character go for missions(I have a big dream, sorry). i would really much appreciate your concern.

to the graphics, im referring to the bge. the polys that it can handle for the framerate. and others like particle system, etc.

Im gonna look into your tuts solarlune, btw. Doesnt bge have some polgon limits thtat’s preventing you from good graphics?

Thanks for looking. As to your question, no, there’s no BGE limits - it’s not as optimized as other engines when it comes to rendering objects, but by default, the BGE can handle quite a few polygons onscreen, especially if you’re not using GLSL-enhanced shading. The extra light calculations take up GPU processing time, but with simpler lighting in Multi-texture mode, you can handle a lot more graphics easily.

but i heard that the more the polys, the more the lag. aint it? ive been watching tuts on the bge, but i cant get my mind of the fact that other ppl says that bge is not a full game engine, that its models must be transferred to other game engines. ive been searching to all other game engines, the one i like is unity, panda, and shiva. could you tell me otherwise(with some counstructive criticism)? like bge is better or you should only use one application? since in heart, im a blender-person. i also want to ask is what is the polygon limit for glsl? or do you think for the bge, it should be multi texture to work well.(performance wise)

Well, let me break it down for you. Basically, the more polygons that are onscreen, the more Blender (and also your computer) has to work to draw them onscreen. The BGE can handle drawing simple scenes at an optimal frame per second rate (which is, by default, 60 frames, or images of the game, drawn per second). However, if you have a very complex scene, or a scene with a large amount of advanced lighting and shaders active, then the BGE may start to slow down because it can’t handle drawing the scene at the optimal frame rate anymore.

People generally say that the BGE isn’t a full game engine because it hasn’t been used to make a large amount of professional or very high-quality games - it hasn’t even been really modernized with GLSL shading for a very long time (only a few years). Some people do prefer other engines like Unity or Shiva, but while I’ve tried both of those engines (as well as Panda3D), I didn’t like them very much - I just like Blender’s workflow and ease of development the best. People like to jump onboard with a system that they know can handle their project - Unity is a professional product, and so people like it because they know that they can make whatever they want with it. In addition, the BGE is packaged in a 3D modeler, making asset importing and exporting pain-free, literally, as the models you make in the modeler are the same in the game engine. That’s something that literally cannot be beaten, as, to my knowledge, this is the only program on Earth to offer these services. For free. While the BGE isn’t as publicized, it’s very powerful.

As to the polygon limit for GLSL, it’s up to your computer - the newer it is, the better it will be able to handle GLSL shading and a large amount of polygons (more likely). However, some people don’t have GLSL shading, and so making your game in Multitexture mode would make it easier to run at the optimal frame rate. Just note that multitexture mode doesn’t equal bad graphics, just like GLSL shading doesn’t equal good graphics - you can achieve great graphics in Multi-texture mode, or GLSL mode - it’s up to you.

So basically, you’re saying that ALMOST anything that can be done in other engines. CAN be done on blender game engine too. that’s sound very nice. um. the only thing i have a problem for blender. is the support of the blender tuts is limited. like, i already know the basics of logic bricks. and python. can’t anyone that is professional (someone in blendercookie/blenderguru) to actually help us through making a big and serious game. i know you’ll say, “well, the net has many videos about that but not professional”. but it’s like only few professionals is using the bge. the only one that i had great help is from David Ward, where he made a “How to make a simple game character” with 3 parts but he didn’t use python. i know yofrankie uses the bge. but it’s a heartbreaker that the models were only made and the game engine that they actually used is crystal space.
what im saying is. alot of pros(and companies) uses other engines. the only game that’s keeping me from using other game engines is “Super Blender Galaxy”, “Elpis”,etc. what i know is that its made entirely from blender. (or is it?)
long story short. I need a motivation for me to use the blender game engine entirely. i know that you won’t care. but i am need of a great help. and btw. your python tuts is awesome, if its a video, it would be a thousand hits. it would really be appreciated if you could help. thanks anyways.

really? you would make something like that? that’s pretty big for a tut. actually. the problem i have with non pros. is that, their screen is not hd(you can’t see what there doing exactly) and they (mostly) don’t speak clear. i love tut makers like jonathan williamson and david ward. since they really explain of what is going on.
for my suggestion, if youre gonna use a video for the tut. you should use vimeo instead of youtube. since for me, youtube videos if enlarged will start all over again.
okay, back to the game engine. this is my basic skills. modeling skills-if rate 1-10, i could say a 6. i can model a person, and the basics of modeling,(subsurf, mirror, u know the stuff), rigging- an 8 perhaps? if the model is a human. i learned from “Rigging an alien” on blender cookie by David Ward. Texturing is my weakness unfortunately. i can’t seem to master gimp. if you could post any tut for gimp and blender, like layering and texturing the uv map. i would appreciate it. but if can’t that’s fine as well. i know the logic bricks on moving the cube, and the awsd keys, camera parenting, jump, etc. animating is also a go for me. i also know the “bge door tutorial” wherein when you move near to the object the door will open(pretty useful to me). so i would like to know, this. the hud- i know the basics of the hud, like making a health bar, ammo, point system. i have a problem with making a game map. (you know, the mini map on most games) and among other things, like ai, how do you this, when the enemy finds you, it comes to you, when it comes to you, it will attack you, if it attacks you, your health will go down. and another thing. the basic of the pause menu. like when you press P youre game will pause and you’ll be able to view your inventory or whatnot.
sorry for alot of q’s btw. um, you should also take a look at this. this is really the kind of graphics and gameplay i want,

anything on the video is the things id like to learn(pause menu, hud,etc)
but im quite afraid of python. i’ll just bookmark your site so that if i have a problem, i should go to your site.
also, if anyone can answer, how many scenes can you have for a .blend file?

That looks like a pretty good Blender Game - For my first advice, I would say not to be afraid of Python, since you’ll need it for almost everything that you want to learn (outside of texturing), AI especially. That will probably be the next part of my tutorial - it’s not that hard, actually. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on that quickly.