a saloon...

Hello with all… One of my creations with Blender… for a competition based on the subject of furniture, on a site of which I am moderating…


Blender & Yafray

comments and welcome suggestions


Looks great…! Great materials too… :wink:

looks good, the bump is a bit strong on the inside of the window and the floor though. i would maybe not use a bump map for the floor.

The scene looks nice, but why are you using Yafray without GI? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments…

without GI? are I just start to try to use Yafray… which the parametrage for the use of GI?

It was the “saloon” in the title that had me a little confuzzled. I was looking for an (American) Old West theme. I think the word you’re looking for is “salon”.

The scene looks okay… I think the camera lens is a little wide-angle. The edges of the lamp shadows is a little distracting. The composition is uninteresting and the colorscheme could use some warmth.

Its coming along well, tho.

The invididual parts are good, but the lighting’s a bit weird, and that seems like an illogical place to put that lamp (two of the bulbs are pointed at the wall!). The floor also looks wet. I’d move the lamp and decrease the spec on the floor slightly. I agree with mzungu about the composition.

So, I like the scene overall, I think it looks really interesting, but I do have two (2) crits.

  1. The floor looks wierd and not particularly like a normal floor. It looks kind of watery to me. The bump map is a little extreme.
  2. I know you’ve already heard this, but the side of the window doesn’t match with the rest of the walls (its bumpy and textured strangely).
    Good work!

XrQLz :wink: