A salvaged Auto Union racing car

Hi all,

an old project brought back to life with a little help from Substance Painter. I guess all the Auto Union racers were oroginally painted silver, but I went for a different look this time…

Rendered in Octane standalone, 2 mins (just to leave it a little grainy) with DL kernel. Slightly adjusted in Photoshop.

Great render, just only 2 min? What graphic card?

Thanks! Nothing special, a GTX850M. The DL kernel renders pretty fast.

I don’t understad you render in standalone you have not the plugin for blender?

I have been looking into substance painter. It looks like a nice program. Nice car, btw.

I have the plugin, too. It kind of crashed a lot whenever I used it, so now I almost always use the standalone.

Thanks for your comment. You should try the 30-day trial if you already haven’t - that’s what lured me into buying it ;).

niiice really nice

Looks great so far,man:)