A save trouble.........it made my two days of work wasted

I don’t know how many people have the same troubles as me…

Sometimes for a little work efficiency, I think I am a professional FPS game player.

But obviously I am not so my click is delayed…

I just wanted to try certain poses and test some problems, but the result was not good, I just want to reopen the file.

I originally wanted to click not to save, but I clicked to save.

Like I think I can headshot every time in FPS games.

But slipped over,I clicked the save…

So I have some suggestions…

Can be changed to this

I decided to take a vodka to sleep…

Blender can retain a number of old save files
Edit > preferences > Save & Load > Save Versions. Increase to a number that suits your needs. I have mine at 10.

MyPaint is really good in this aspect.

2020-11-07 20_02_13-MyPaint
2020-11-07 20_03_42-MyPaint

It makes important buttons to stand out. If you like this idea then RightClick-Select it.

Go to the folder where you accidentally saved your file. Look if you have a “.blend1” version of that file. If yes, add back up to the name, and change the extenstion back to “.blend”. Open the back up file and see if it saved a version of your file that is useful to you.

File -> recover -> autosave might also have an older version saved.