a scene that probably could be improved.

this is a scene i rendered, ive gotten a little better since this. just wondering what i could improve and what skills im lacking. the picture might be a little too big, but it is the only resolution i had of it.


with that bright lamp behind him there would be light bouncing all over the room, his left half is quite dark.You may want to add some sort of ambient light… make it a dull greyish blue.

Love the scene you made :slight_smile:

an idea for composition…
Find a nice mirror frame design, and make the picture into a mirror reflecting this little guy…
in the image, you can have the candle that is illuminating the right side of his face, and a nicely detailed wall behind the mirror.

nice work :slight_smile:

thanks, ive got much better with my light control and have gotten used to the ambient occlusion, dyk for the longest time i had the octree resolution set to 64 because i thought that would speed up the rendering, lol. glad you like it though.