a screenshot of my First FPS

this is my first FPS game. Its not quite finished yet though. im working on title music and stuff. What do you think?
I also added a zoom feature.
those blue things are health :wink:

hmm…what about the textures on the weapon and the roof? Thats something you should add…or yust improve on youre weapon…

i’m still working on texturing. And, keep in mind, this is my first real FPS that has gotten anywhere at all.

Looks pretty good Clone dadd. Is that alien blood? Looks like it by the colour.

Nice work jrt.

This game :-?
No! How this full shit! You not skilfull men.

hey this is my first FPS…dont be a hater.


Don’t mind HERITIC. . .seems he’s been going around bashing alot of people lately.


Hey clone Dadd,

Don’t worry about this moron, he is the one full of shit. I’ve checked some of his other replies and I can guarantee that this dude is someone the mods should be watching. Very closely.

I think it looks pretty cool. Did you use python for anything?

Nope. This game is going to be totally logic brick’d.

Thats awesome. Could you write some FPS tutorial? Some simple.

sure. I could try. :slight_smile:

Whatever…And please don’t swear, its detracts from the cultured atmosphere we have going. :slight_smile:

Good start. Youve got alot to do, but getting guns, bullets, and characters working together is a big step. :smiley:

Whot? When you will be make good quality games on blender? Turbo pascal and flash macromedia are mega more add games, but on blender.

does this look any better?


Looking nice so far.

Better than I could do.

Does it have mouse look?

sorry that couldn’t be done with logic bricks alone. My goal of this project was to create a complete FPS using only logic bricks.

ive decided to start using python in my game so i could put mouse look in it.

soo heres an update. Rocket launcher explosion test:


PS: im looking for some help. PM me if you want to help.

Hey man, Awesome job so far. I hope the rantings of a few forum noob’s dont get you down. He is 1/2 a step from getting banned im sure.

I like the latest screenshot. You should get irc and join #gameblender on freenode server. We talk about blender games all the time I am sure people will be willing to help you in real time if you need it.

Keep up the good work.

looks great man. keep at it and don’t give up.