A script + addon for exporting After Effects camera keyframes to Blender 2.8x

I’ve created a script for After Effects and add-on for Blender that allows you to export keyframed camera data from the former to the latter.

You can download it here!

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, but couldn’t find anything (free) like it, so after my previous (janky) workflow stopped working because Adobe, I decided to make it myself.

Hopefully, this will eventually evolve into something that can fully replace Atom’s old After Effects to Blender addon.


Hi, I’m new to Blender
With your script I was able to export the camera and import it into Blender 2.90.
Is there a way to indicate which is the floor so that the camera is oriented a in AE?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you !!!

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Hey, thanks for this. I don’t seem to be able to get it to install in the add-ons menu. It says it’s installed but it’s not there to enable it. Anything I might have missed? You just install the whole zip?

To install it on blender you have to look for the .py (Python Script ) file inside the Zip container. and installing it via Blender’s Add-ons Manager window.

now, inside After Effects, to Install the camera exporter. go to File> Scripts> Install Script File… and look for the .jsx (JavaScript XML) file.

i suggest you to read the complete guide here: https://github.com/adroitwhiz/ae-blender-camera-export

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