A Script to Import a CSV File and Create F-Curves (for Blender 2.5x or later)

YES! How did you do that? :smiley:

I get an error when I try and run this in Blender 2.56, and in the latest RC release it fails to install, it just says add-on disabled and it doesn’t show in the list.

The message in 2.56 is centres around this line of code;

Class FCurveImportUIConfig(bpy.types.IDPropertyGroup):

And the error says this;

AttributeError: ‘RNA_Types’ object has no attribute ‘IDPropertyGroup’

Any idea what is happening here?

Thank you so much for informing me and providing error details, Daniel8488.
I didn’t know that. I’m wondering whether some of interface are going to change in the latest Blender 2.57 RC. I’ll look into that.
However I had no error in Blender 2.56a. Is your version 2.56.0 r34076 in the splash screen?

The Blender revision that I got that error read out was an older version of 2.56, so I think it’s probably irrelevant now as version 2.56.5 r35899 is the build I’m running and this is the one where it doesn’t enable the add-on, I click install add-on, navigate to the .py file and select it, but nothing happens.

I get no error messages, I can’t find the add-on in the list, even using the search menu. Maybe something has changed in how the scripts are registered?

I couldn’t find enough information on the script API, so I’ll wait until Blender 2.57 and the doc for scripting are released.
Is it ok for you, Daniel8488?

Yea that’s fine Hans.

Actually the reason why I was looking at your script was for a thread I posted yesterday, basically I was going to import some rotational values with your importer and apply those values to a camera, essentially I’d be controlling the camera with the accelerometer function from my Android phone, but I’m going to look into all this further so I have plenty of time to wait.

Thank you for your efforts by the way, they are very much appreciated, hopefully some light will be shed on the API with the stable release, and some more documentation :slight_smile:

I keep my eyes on the release. Thank you for your information on the change of script in the latest Blender.


I made some quick fixes to this addon to work in 2.57. I uploaded the code to http://www.pasteall.org/20907/python

Thank you for this addon I found it very useful.

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Special thanks for your work, bladecoder!
I’ll add your handle name to my script.
I’m looking into your code now…

Thanks again for your work, bladecoder.
I compared the two between your code and the previous one, and I understood what I have to do for 2.57.

Here are four points that should be changed to update this script from 2.56 to 2.57.

  • change the global variable name “bl_addon_info” to “bl_info”.
  • change the function name add(t, y) to insert(t, y).
  • change the class name IDPropertyGroup to PropertyGroup.
  • add bpy.utils.register_module(name) and bpy.utils.unregister_module(name).

I updated the script for Blender 2.57.
csv_fcurve_importer v0_7_alpha1.zip

Thanks very much for your generosity in providing the importer! It looks like it could be the key to getting my current project to work (loading in CSV-stored skeleton rotation data from a motion capture session).

Note that I had to comment out the following in the code to get it to load into Blender 2.63:

  • import unittest
  • the def main()… block
  • the class Test_FCurvePointAdder… block

Thank you for telling me the problem, bbattey.
I didn’t know that. I’ll fix it asap.

works great, thanks you!
it would be cool to have an export script as well

Alas, just found a problem which I’m not yet familiar enough with bps to solve. I’m trying to import floating point Euler angle data. The CSV importer log is showing the correct range of values is read in, but the actual angle in Blender is radically different from that. A simple test: replaced the data in Data_MostEasily with some values from my spreadsheet (like -12.1351) and import as rotation_euler (x). The x values showing in Blender are -696.648 (!). No obvious mathematical relationship here (like radians/angles) that I can see.
I should note I’m on Blender 2.63 Macintosh, in case there is something here in the Mac Python implementation at play.

I spoke too quickly. In fact, Blender must expect the keyframe creation value to be in radians, because it then converts to degrees (multiplies it by 57.295). Bummer. So I’ll just hack in a conversion to radians into the code prior to the keyframe creation.


Internally the angles in blender are in radians. They are displayed as degrees by default, properties panel, scene tab , units DEGREES / RADIANS.

Thanks for this script.

I have used it to import some data from my GPS and used that to create a video overlay showing speed and to generate a slippy map.


Thank you for sharing!!! It looks really nice.