a sculpt

Hi This is my sculpt model, hope you like it!

Brilliant sculpt :smiley: I would really love to see this textured!

Very good!!!

Brilliant sculpt :smiley:

really nice!

I feel like character work since the introduction of dyntopo has jumped 10 fold in quality. Great work!

Great job! :slight_smile:

Ain’t it beautiful to see so many new people (although not in the case of @zxfyzz, he registered in 2008) sculpt great things with Blender? :slight_smile:

wonderful style to do this portrait!

Very cool, love it! :slight_smile:

yeahm we like it a lot :smiley:

Well done!

This is a really neat sculpting :slight_smile:

I smiled when I saw this. Great job :slight_smile:

a great person picks a good thing to make and they make it good


A worthy gallery exhibit. :slight_smile:

High praise, from such a skilled sculpter. :slight_smile:

Great art work ! Much skill in this sculpture !

Congrats on the feature!!! Nice work great use of the sculpting tools!

4 sculpts and 7 years ago…

Great work! :smiley:

Sup’ Abe! I think it looks fine as a bust.

@zxfyzz did this works with dynatoop. Nice done!