A Sculpture

Whadda ya say? The granite texture is made with Blender :slight_smile:

looking great =D.

if i could suggest anything though it would be to give the bits some depth, at the moment the rock blocks look very skinny and unrealistic.

Other than that great lighting, textuing, job well done =D.

At least if it’s supposed to be rock, it could be painted steel :wink:

I like it

Why don’t you use an external texture and enable “csp” to make your specular eye more interesting. That would help immensly! Very good vertex editing, though!

I updated it a bit, it’s still in the same address. I reorganized the lights, made the “sculpture” thick, and doodled some little things around.

I want to use the blender’s textures, because they are quite versatile, and I want to experiment with them to see what can be done. For regular shapes (tiles, texts and such) and bumpmaps I use images.

It’s looks great, it’s the kind of object that looks like it is for a museum.

Did u use cloud texture for that? And Pofo’s idea on making it metallic would be good, but either way, great pic! :smiley:

Yep, I used three layers of cloud texture… but I don’t understand this part of making it metallic… how do I do that?

To make it metallic like, you’ve got to chrome it…

There is a chrome tutorial in Elysiun’s tutorial menu.

Good luck, and I wanna see the next pic :wink:

Oh, you meant to make reflections on it! Why didn’t you say so in the first place? :slight_smile:

cool! I think the shadow can be better, set lamp buffer size to maximum, increase SpotBl and set samples to 16.

the buffer and samples were already maxed out… how does the spotbl affect shadows?

Looking great - I love the model.

The only suggestion I would make:
The inside doesn’t seem dark enough in some places; the shadow is the same brightness inside and outside the model A negative light placed inside the display piece that only affects the display piece could help a lot to add realism.