A SECOND pancake related innovation: Pancake factories can lay off pancake pickers


So this is the future of pancakes, it is a pretty neat video, providing the laid-off pancake pickers can find a new job maintaining and programming the software.

Wouldn’t match homemade pancakes but a boon to businesses who mass produce them.

Good Spotting CD - great link!

I did ask for opinions and discussion on the video, but I’ll say opinions and discussion from people other than the Kbot that copies and pastes canned comments from one thread to another.

pretty cool. doesn’t affect me in any way.

And to think. All this technology goes into rearranging pancakes.

Obviously you guys don’t understand the purpose of this machine. It is to feed the “Pancake Monster”.
The Pancake Monster requires the exact amount of pancakes and the pancakes must be stacked in stacks of three.

The pancake is paramount to feeding the Pancake Monster and keeping the Pancake Monster satisfied.

OR ELSE>>>>>>>>

Some effects of the pancake on people.

The effect of pancakes on people trying to appease the Pancake Monster…

Pancake music to appease the Pancake Monster…

If the Pancake Monster is not fed 400 pancakes per hour in stacks of three then this will happen to the world!!!

you forgot this one…

Very good kram1032…lmao.

I believe it must be true that pancakes, when made correctly, can bring peace to the world!

PtotP… Power to the PANCAKE!!!

I wonder if robots will soon replace chefs ?

I say again, beware the killer robot foot masseuse.

I can imagine robot cooks (actually, I suspect they already exist in some places) but being an actual chef requires innovation, so I don’t think robots will compete in that area for quite a while.