A selection rectangle of sorts; RectTracker

I felt that I should make a new thread for this because, as some may know, my old one didn’t really work.

I made this class, RectTracker, which is not a spin off of the CRectTracker class. I used to say it was, then I realized (after reading the actual CRectTracker docs) that our classes are quite different.

Here is the RectTracker class!

Thank you Social for your help with the Camera orientation stuff.

Some Features:

  • Works at any angle

  • Has two functions

  • draw - The function for drawing the rectangle

  • hitTest - the function for telling if something is in the rectangle

  • Can be used in either module, or script Python controllers.

  • An easy addition to any Blender Python library.


RectTracker.blend (516 KB)


Any questions? Don’t be afraid to ask!