A semi-complicated rendering problem

Alrighty here’s my situation:

I’m working on graphics for a game. However the game engine doesn’t support 3d graphics in full. Instead it uses 3d renders in 17 frames along a 180 counter-clockwise arc (from the rear of the model to the front). Then, to get a 360 view it just mirrors those 17 frames. However What I want to do is to create animations through that. (ie: walking, running, attacking, etc) However the current method I’m using doesn’t provide quality. I’m currently using one camera and moving it along that 180 arc and when it’s done I’ll change the unit a little and do it again. Well it’s very time consuming and it renders very choppy animations in the game. So is there a way I could use more cameras and have it render from each of them and then have it proceed to the next frame set? It would shorten the time considerably and by using the IPO curves for the model instead of the camera it’ll smooth out the animation as well. (I cannot use it for both since it’ll move the unit along with the camera and that’s not what I want.) Any suggestions would be most helpful.

Anyone? Any ideas at all? I really need a solution.

Can’t you render each animation then rotate the camera around the 0 point, and render it again, I don’t think there is a better way than that. BTW, I’m having to do the same thing too.

Well I’ve thought about that but with the compiler program I have to use (as it’s the only compiler program out there for this file type) it would be better to do as I’m doing. (rendering around the 180 arc and then modify the unit a little.)