A shading system nodes for EB synth?

Hello. I would explain what I need. I don’t know if you heard something about the tool ebsynth. It is able to copy and paste an artistic style from one only reference image to all the other ones. It works very well if I draw over the 3d character,but I’m not good at drawing,so I’ve thought to another creative approach for it.This is what I did : I’ve extracted the most important frames of a scene taken from an old movie. These frames are able to capture every detail belonging to the actor shown on the scene. As soon as I have extracted these frames,I have super imposed a fake character over the original one,using a 3d character modelled,texturized,posed and rendered within blender. Below you can see how look the original keyframes :


Below you can see how look the original most important keyframes :


Below you can see how look the most important / posed keyframes :


Below you can see how look the keyframes rendered with EbSynth :


As you can see,it didn’t work. But maybe I know the reasons why the rendered pictures are deformed in a wrong way. The EB synth algorithm is not able to understand clear what are the areas and the borders of each part of the figure,maybe because the colors aren’t enough defined. I’ve thought that a possible solution could be to create a specific shader. The outlines need to match really well, I think. So I may need to create distortions in the mesh to make it match better. Like big wrinkled edges, and things like this. I think I could use a shader to apply the wrinkled edges. I would like to use a specific shader that’s able to keep the graphic style that I want. I want only to improve the edges in a smart way. Can you give me some help ? thanks.