A shadow's curse. A blender horror game.

This will be my game about escape, in five chapters, and each of which is heavily detailed. I’m still in early development. But I think it’s big enough to post here.


Currently in-progress:

  • Finishing chapter one(the last two floors of the cabin)
  • Asset production for chapter two
  • Planning of other chapters

What I have done since the last update:
- Lore re-write

  • Added many visual elements
  • Optimized with LOD objects
  • Re-done AI
  • Added Options Menu
  • Saving and loading.
  • UI over-haul

What the game is about

All the player knows is that he is somewhere he shouldn’t be, He wakes up in a log cabin, not knowing how he got there. The player must discover why they are in the cabin, and must escape and find their way home.

Lore Summary: Two people who live in a cabin rescue a man who wrecked his car, but soon after something terrible goes wrong in a nearby facility… Things go bottom-up, and to protect the unconscious man the two cabin residents lock him up tightly… Who knows what secrets may be revealed in this adventure?

Stay tuned for updates!

Hey guys, I’ve updated the topic. If you want to support the game, like the video on youtube!

Looks good so far Leanardoe! Keep it up!

I will, thank you!

I’ve updated the OP with newer content.

Looks great, i’d suggest using either an ssao 2d filter or baking some AO to the objects in the scene.

Okay, I’ll need to do some research on it though.

Penis Penis Penis

Look’s good Leanardoe :eyebrowlift2:. You know who I am :smiley:

Re-open old thread

Why such low fps?

wow , This actually looks great


I second what Thatimster said :evilgrin: but it looks great as with all textures and attention to detail you added.

PS: your UI for the game need reno I mean doesn’t fit the game I’d assume, make more squared off, I’d totally drop the rounded look and with maybe some kind of wooden framed border around, and wooden planks as the buttons? I don’t know this is not actually a crit I’m maiking but just design suggestion on the UI.

Awesome project in any case.

I’ll keep an eye out… :yes:

Thank you!


I intend to. I actually already have new UI created, I just haven’t implemented it. :slight_smile:

I haven’t spent a lot of time optimizing it. However, I have recently developed a different more optimized game and intend to use those features here.

I really do like the look. It’s very atmospheric.

Thank you! I have a lot more in store for the future… :wink: I just recently started working on this again.

The Room looks nicely done.:smiley: I’m still trying to figure out how to do this first time making an room:confused:

Update: Added new information to the OP. I’ll post some new screenshots once I finish polishing up!

There’re a bunch of tutorials out there. Prof. Monster has plenty of guides.

I’ve added a page on IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/a-shadows-curse

I’ve created a steam group for testing active demos of the game and related mechanics. Feel free to join if you’re interested in participating. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/leanardoegamesQAP#members