A shadow's curse. A blender horror game

nah, 1 year old without update --> zombie project

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Spoken like a guy who Trolls on his own thread :rofl:
(no offense)

it’s part of experiencing all the Horror … you try to run away, then you start to run slow , and micro-freeze … you are done, the monster eats you

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Unless the AI doesn’t have time to compute and just stands there. (haha)

1440x1080 = 12/9 and not 16/9 = play just like full HD but don’t render the unnecessary sides… keep it like the good old television 4/3

thx to delete all your post like i did. just keep your answer My 3D adventure fighting game

I personally think anything higher then my 1366x768 as MODERN-HIGH :smile:

Ok, doing it now.

Are the 2 ones I didn’t DELETE ok (?)

its ok now, just delete the last one


Can we delete all those posts ? Just keep your final answer. I dont want to sur-charge this thread

But then I seem like a TOTAL_PRO (LMAO) :smile:
Also “Final answer” :thinking: There can only be 1 TRUE answer :slight_smile:

Don’t post a question in a WIP | :wink: |

So wise . . .

P.S I will DELETE_POSTS if you will also.

I did but BA I think CANCELED my action because of DELETE_POST_TIME_LIMIT :smile:

Nice job posting your CRIMINAL_EVIDENCE here instead of in your own thread (LMAO) :wink:

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I will ask this of TIM :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice pro_service :blush:

What in god’s name happened to this thread? I got like 30 notifications. Sorry for no update, been experimenting.

Yes I was using a laptop when I first started the project. Does insulting someone’s computer on an old thread make you feel good about yourself?

And no it isn’t a zombie project, I work on it periodically while working a full time job and taking classes at college.

Bingo, nothing was baked in early shots, I was constantly changing textures. I’ll post screenshots when I’m satisfied with how the game looks.

Mine was inspired by the Amnesia games mostly. The “shadow” in my game is a physical entity though.

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Sorry didn’t mean any trolling (can’t say the same about @blenderaptor even tho I did warn him in 2 different threads)

Sincerely -|[RandomPerson]|-

No worries, I’m glad for the bump tbh. Don’t worry about deleting the posts, some of them are helpful/funny.


Thx for understanding :wink:

I’m sorry I do not understand what “bump” you are talkng about.

A bump is just when an older thread gets new attention because of new posts. It’s a bit motivating to see that people are still watching the project.

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