A shark(update #1)

Yesterday I’ve started this shark model
please post you c&cs


the head are needs some geometry attention. Seems too narrow, and the nose isn’t as elongated as it should be like in the pic. Looks cool from what i can see so far tho

he looks to thin from what i can see

the caudal fin is too thick

Doesn’t look too bad except for the geometry issues and I think that the texturing on the top of its body could use some work. Good luck!

It looks like he’s smiling. Other than that, great job. Fish models are something rare around here.

Perhaps if we knew what species it was meant to be we could give better comments. It looks like a Thresher shark to me.

Because you modeled it with a side-view reference only, make sure you still pay attention to what it looks like from the front/back views. Speaking of which, can we see top/front views?

Good work overall, but it looks a bit too “domestic” to me if you’re looking for a stereotypical “jaws type” shark.

I tried to improve the geometry a bit and gave him a testing pose

Here are two new pics


Any crits ?

If the image on the left of your last post is a blender image, then no. Its great!

It is a blender image(except form the background)

Cool, spot on then. I like it.

Looks really sweet (although I am under weird impression it’s smiling). Nice model and great texturing.