a sheep

Here is a low poly sheep with mirror&subdivision.
Not sure how to continue on this.
My goal is not anything fancy, just to make it textured and to have some
wool. I will alter the shapes if i get some input on that.
I had it textured allready, but thought i might try to do it a bit better.
Any ideas on what plug in to load to make some wool to this beast?
Do i need to give a try on modelling without subsurf the sheep, or perhaps remodel it?

With some alpha´s particles.
Looks more like dog fur than sheep wool.

update AO on and some adjustments to particles.

added an environment

thats a nice sheep. I once tried making a dog, and it flopped. i must say u did a good job making the sheep look like one! a couple crits. i am no animal expert, but do sheeps legs bend in the front, and are straight in the back? I noticed that in the first post u made of the sheep and it looked knida funny. Another thing, the hair/fur look kinda sharp. I don’t do much with particles cause i once tried making fur and it screwed up, but the fur looks a bit too straight. i am not sure you can curve particles, but if you can, i’d try doing that. the hair looks to sharp so wat i would do is look at a hair tutorial that i think may be around in this forum. one last thing. the hair looks to far up in the back. ok i thinks thats enough.

looking good but also, isn’t sheeps fur curly?

Thanks Ralphbluecoat and C4
edit-> i will fix the front legs
I´ll try to make curly wool. I bet my computer will soon run out of
ram and it will slow down alot, but not a first time.
I am going to modify the backpart of the mesh too.
Thanks again

Yeah, the front legs bend in the opposite direction. But other than that, good start.

Ralphbluecoat and mini
I got the front legs fixed.

Now it has some real wool, very close to it anyway.
edit-> I guess i should have given it a shave.