A shiny plastic crocodile


sculpted with Sculptris, scene made in Blender, rendered with yafaray


I think there maybe one or two issues with the modelling mainly with the front legs but the texturing work is very beautiful. I love that tribal type style on the crocodile and the way you have done the tree.

Beautiful! I can almost smell the plasticiser.

it’s amazing. i like it. did you want make a tutorial about makin this croko?

thank you for your comments

@qmor : Maybe I could do a tutorial but I havn’t done anything complex : I started from a sphere (except the ground, started from a plane) in sculptris, then sculpted it until the shape was OK for me, then I painted on the object (in Sculptris, directly paint in 3D) and then I imported the objects in Blender, tweak the material, lights and point of view and then used the yafaray export in the script window.
I’ll post some screenshots of the steps for the creation of the croco

This is such a unique work of art. I’m rating it! I just makes you feel like you’ve entered another world.

Amazing. The modeling almost looks too round and disproportionate, but it is so clearly not because of a lack of skill, but for a very unique effect. What I’m saying, I guess, is that you have achieved the incredible feat of being very professional despite treading close to the things that give away inexperience. I don’t know how well I’m putting my thoughts into words, so if this is confusing, I’ll summarize it: Great work!

Truly unique, beautifully done! Your composition and materials truly take us to another world, great piece of art :wink:

man this is so cool! i love it. i want to poor a finger-thick layer of clear coat over all my models now! brilliant idea. and than that hole in the tree! how genius is that? honestly, i totally adore you for this image.

the creasings (e.g. in the dark paint in the tree) are modelled (instead of normal mapped), am i right?

ha ha, its great, you made me my day. :yes:

before a real tutorial (if I have time to do it), you can see the progress for the crocodile. Before the first step there was a sphere.


Here you can see the tree without any texmap, normals or bump


Awesome style!!

J’aime bien ! :yes:

That looks great! The texturing is awesome, and in my opinion is the best part! Love that plasticy style. Now you’ll have to make a whole lot more of these!

nice materials and textures. Could very well be a saturday morning cartoon for small kids…

wonderful, unique rendering. well done!

super cool, man this would make an awesome desktop image got anything hi res in in a 16x9 ratio

I would be interested in seeing the texturing method you used.