a short clip

(gbarak) #1

A short clip (20 sec.) that combines video and computer graphics (made solely on Blender). The idea for the effect came from the trailer to “Minority report”.
As recording sound went wrong, and since all I wanted there was my voice, I removed sound completely.

The work at the end is an image manipulation one, made by someone on another forum I’m at (used at his permission) (his work was not made on Blender)

The clip is at:

You’ll need DivX 5 to watch it… (www.divx.com if you don’t have it already)

(S68) #2

Really nice :slight_smile:


(jetblack) #3

Oh!You really made solely on Blender?
Very Coool!! HaHa! I want see more Obj Flyng aroud him!!

(ZoltarX) #4

Very clever work gbarak!!! :o


(gbarak) #5

Well, obviously I had to use another program to capture video, images, and compressing it once the raw AVI was rendered, but everything else ( which is everything that counts :slight_smile: ) was made in Blender…
Took about 3 hours… isn’t it amazing, the things you can do with Blender? :smiley: