a short film...(project) [WIP]

Hi all

I am new here but long time as I am user of blender :stuck_out_tongue:

I would want to share my project to you, so need name for short film (any suggestion?)… This project has a duration between 5 min and 10 min or maybe more.
A quick review what this movie is it :

** --Planning 1–** A short film (no name yet) (made with blender 2.49)

** Characters :
- Two boy : one french and one india (they are best friend); need name?
- French boy’s mother
- An old indian
- An alien boy
- One mysterious body

** Environment :
- City of Paris (of course not exactly and not all !)
- Park and street (leaving school)
- The house of french boy
- his room
- Store the old indian
- The planet from alien boy
- World beyond

** Special purpose :
- Ufo (alien boy)

** Special effect :
- Ghost
- Games of light
- Background supernatural
- …

** Demostration :
A boy must overcome the method of astral travel but prevents a mysterious … Meantime an alien boy may perhaps help…

Hope you like it and a better wish is to finish !

ps: sorry my english

Hello, your project sounds very interesting,and I would like to help. I a still learning how to use certain things and I am perfecting my ability.If I could, please could I help?

Thanks, Thomas :cool:

Hi Thomas

Thank you, yes you are welcome from your help because this project can be quite big … Don’t worry i am learning too and you are free to start from to-do as you can. In my way, i started working the room then soon i’ll show it in wip.

If anyone wants to help this project it would be nice to work in a team, i think a team should be :

  • 3d modeler/animator/rigging
  • 2d/3d mapper
  • voice actor (any volunteer?)
  • compositing, lighting & visual effect

your any idea/suggestion are welcome.

Ok i do not know where exactly I have to start building my room.

So let’s go ! First show :slight_smile:

need critique and feedback.

I am planning to make animation as prototype and there is alot work to finish.

stay tune for more news.