a short Independent film "CHAPTER V : Independent"

(12funkeys) #1

This is a short Independent film made with blender, and a tribute of a certain game.
modeling/animation/composite/movie edit by blender.
texture by krita.

I hope you enjoy!:slight_smile:

(XeroShadow) #2

This was a good view to watch. Had a earlier Final Fantasy PS era kinda vibe. Pacing was great and the animation was great, but there was a bit of “noise” on the last 50 seconds of it. Was this done in Cycles?

(12funkeys) #3

Thank you for your comment.
It is with blender internal render.
“noise” is hatching, i think.

(XeroShadow) #4

I had to look that term up. So was this done on purpose?

(12funkeys) #5

to XeroShadow
Because I want to express a sadness .


It’s a good lore nice work!

(12funkeys) #7

Thank you for watching and comment!