a short little rube goldberg animation

a friend and i made this animation in an independent study class where we taught ourselves - the goal was to show most of the different features of blender. we just finished it, and i was wondering what people on here would think about it.

it was thrown together a little at the last minute - the fluid sim doesnt work quite right and some of the camera shots are a little off.

i decided to post this to the forum because roughly 10 people out of our whole school showed up to the “film fest” where this and other videos were showed, and we were disappointed haha


I’m seeing some pretty bad artifacting all over the table… and a lot of areas where some smoothing could be used… however the animation was very well done! Polish up the scene and you have yourself a very nice animation.

ah so thats what its called? we were wondering what that was. how do you fix it? and thanks!