A short rant about non-disclosure agreements

I don’t object to signing a non-disclosure agreement in PRINCIPLE - infact I wouldn’t release an animation on my youtube BEFORE it is officially released… but…

So this potential client sends you a NDA - they send you a 5 or six page document of legaleese for you to trawl through, and at this point they’re only a POTENTIAL client - there’s no guaranty you’re even going to get the job at this point.

There is a solution - these NDAs aren’t original - you can download them from somewhere. But they don’t say where from. If they did, you could just look up where the NDA had been independently reviewed and decide based on the review score.

Or maybe I should find my own NDA to give clients.

Any other ideas?

Ideally you’d have some legal counsel to consult with.

Basicly they are telling you “get a lawyer, or bust”. This is probably the best option. Get a lawyer. Have them pay more for your work. If they want assurance, it’s their problem, not yours. Legal fees passed on them.
Otherwise, if you wanna skip that many problems, give them up. Sometimes it’s worth to scrub some customer away. In the end, it’s a matter of those figures you only know.

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The thing is - most NDA are OK - they amount to "don’t release bits of the project before it’s finished. The problem is having to read through 6 pages of contract before you even know you have the job.

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I would be wary. There are people out there who squelch competitors with non-disclosure and non-competition agreements. Ask yourself this- how can you be assured that they aren’t going to disclose to you something you’re already doing- and then not give you the job? If the job really seems to be something good for you, make sure the client has a solid reputation before you sign anything- or get a lawyer.