A sign of the future invasion of robots

Today I was copying a file over a smb server, because i wanted to take some music on my laptop for the long trip ahead. So as I was copying my music files over, I get an error:


The only details provided for the error was the word “Success”. Apparently succeeding should not be the outcome anymore…

that looks like linux :cry: :cry: :cry:

I rekon, if you’re on Firefox point your browser to: about:robots

tired coder on 5 cups of coffee?

Robots may end up eating you in the future as well, not just enslaving you and making you refer to them as your overlords.

Search Engadget for the recent story on a clock that eats bugs, yes, it eats them to stay powered up, there’s even been robots made that can eat mice to make power from their flesh.

This is so shocking Tictoon! Thanks for bringing this to our attention so we may be careful in regards to this event in the future and start to arm ourselves in the crisis to follow.

Have a great day!

wow, that was an interesting article

kinda creepy

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