A silent hill 3 question

Helloooooooo!Have anyone of you ever played sh3 - my friends tried to play it but it chrashes imediately after launching it(maybe it is their comps’ fault because theirs’ suck and mine is probably the best in the town, or is it something else?)Should i buy the game or not(I really , really want to get ascared ,and btw , there is a machine gun in this game - ohhh yeahhhh!!!)

If ya wanna get scared then get doom 3

or get resident evil 4. Comes out this tuesday I cant wait. ign gave it a 9.8 and gamespy gave it 5 out of 5. Its a resident evil game so you now it has to be scary.


Doom 3 is scary but its only fun for the first 2 hours.Everything happens the same- i got sick of doom 3 and after that played it with cheats because i was only interested on what weapons there are and i wanted to know the ending.

Resident evil - three words,totaly not scary.Im not saying its not cool but it is in my “really cool action game” list not the “superscary like silenthill” list.I have played all of the playstation re games and none of them made me ascared(sure, there are places where you allmost jump out of your chair but thats only one time-not like the silent hill’s)Btw , i dont have any xbox or ps2 so i cant play re4(even if i want to).

Re4 is only for the gamecube atleast for about a year. I think RE4 might be more actiony but you cant say resident evil is not scary until you have played Resident evil remake on the gc.