a silly fat thing

(Jide) #1

Hello. I’m new to blender, animation and this forum. I’ve been trying to learn facial animation and lip syncing. check out my first “success”.

~260kb avi (divx5) http://sivut.koti.soon.fi/leppalajuha/fatsilly.avi

The face was modelled in wings3d

(mthoenes) #2

Welcome to the community, I look forward to viewing your sample, I guess I have an older version of the divx codec, can’t open your file yet, I will have check for upgrade.


(slikdigit) #3

same here. I’m on linux- I’ll go check if divx5.0 is available for linux yet.

(slikdigit) #4

yup its available!
saw your vid fine with mplayer and divx50
liked your blue creature. Monty Python line?

(Jide) #5

Yeah it’s monty python, grabbed from www.pythonline.com. I just think they’re damn hilarious. I chuckle even when I hear only arbitrary monty pyhton sound clips :smiley:

BTW, for future videos should I use some other codec ? Doesn’t seem like divx5 is that widespread yet.

(rndrdbrian) #6

Nice website, I have bookmarked it for future use!

mpeg 1 is a very common file format. Try that as a codec? or DivX 4.


(harkyman) #7

Like the subject said, neat. He looks organic enough to be a little freaky. And hearing the Python voice out of him. Cool.