A simpel question for photoshop users

Hello every one,
I hope this is the right place to post my problem.
So I am trying to make a pattern in Potoshop (for blender) and it somehow dose not work.
Here is what I do:I make my Patten (50x50 px) than I go to Select>All and then to Edit>Define pattern.The problem is that I can’t click on “Define Pattern” because it is grayd out(the option is light gray instad of black).
If any one could PLEASE help I would apriciate it greatly.
Thanks in advance

What version of Photoshop are you using? Can you post a screenshot?

I’ll compare it with mine when I get on Windows.

“Define pattern” in Photoshop takes what is currently selected and makes it available as a “pattern” for fills inside Photoshop later. It is a completely internal operation to Photoshop.

To get anything from PS to Blender, you need to save an image file. If by “make a pattern (for blender)” you mean you want an image applied to a 3D object, then that’s called a texture. Have a look at this page if that’s what you want:


Hey thanks,
Here is a screenshot:

Oh,I am sorry for not explaining my self well enough:( What I meant,was that I want to make a image for blender,but I need to make a the patten for Photoshop.Sorry for my bad English:(
But thanks anyways for trying to help

Are you sure your selection is square?

If that is the image you want to make a pattern of make sure that the layer isn’t locked by double clicking on it. However, it shouldn’t make a difference because It shouldn’t be grayed out even then and we are using the same version of Photoshop.

You can select the whole thing by pressing CTRL+A and then go on Edit->Define pattern and it should work.

That would be a cool pattern for a brick wall texture.

I did as you sad and it’s still the same problem:(
I am getting so frustrated…

Actually this is suppose to be a brick Patten.


Do you mind sharing the .psd so I can see if it works?

Hey thanks for your offer but just got it solved when I was making your Displacement map:)
The problame was that when I made a bwe image it was 32 bit and can only be 8 bit.

Glad it worked out for you.