A Simple 3rd Person Rpg Camera Template NOTE: Camera Collision on page 2

It has some glitches. But it works. :slight_smile: Credit goes to MarcoIT
3rdPersonCamera.blend (444 KB)

Ah, much better!
I’ll try it one of these days in replacement of Raiderium’s great template ( that don’t work in 2.5/6)!
Thank you for your effort!

nice indeed, the dialog box
although the “mechanism” is a mystery :eek:

Based on the lastest, i added Jump with Alt and Game Restart with R keyboard Keys, tested.


3rdPersonCamera.blend (444 KB)

Uhm. I don’t get it on why would you set left alt as a jump button. Really. Spacebar is a better key. And restart key? I don’t really think that’s necessary. Unless you want some credit on the template.

Space is used to the message function, so maybe using another key makes sense(?),
and game restart its if you falldown of the world or get stuck somewhere, it can happen.


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This is a really great template. And to finish my quest, thank you! xD

This is pretty cool, but it doesn’t work too well at times, sometimes it glitches out and does not react to the mouse movement, or there is a delay, does anyone have this problem? I would like to see this script improved, it reminds me of the camera system for the game Lugaru, which had a great camera system.

Hope you don’t mind me posting my edited version. Messed with the minimap, turned on GLSL, threw in a lamp, and gave everything some color. Here’s what my version of the map script looks like:

from bge import render as r
from bge import logic as gl


# Get top-right corner by percentage of screen size

# Set size as percentage of screen size

# Put viewport in the top-right...
posx= int(xPct*x)
posy= int(yPct*y)

# ...and create it.


3rdPersonCamera (3).blend (576 KB)

@ZDaters Now this is something I would really use. Thank you for your modifications.

My template also has a problem. If anyone would like to solve. When there is a minimap and a 2d filter. The 2d filter will only apply to the minimap. Anyone knows how to fix this?

I just tested with the Gray Scale 2D Filter actuator, and everything (including the minimap) was affected. I put a Keyboard (F key) sensor, an AND controller, and the actuator on the main camera (just called camera).

Gonna see if I can get it to either not do the map, or turn it off on the map after it’s activated…

In the meantime, here’s something I found, might be of use.

Oh, and- you’re welcome :slight_smile: Glad to help.

Another issue…When I save game as runtime camera only move on one axis(like x)
I’am using blender 2.62 and Camera Collision Template…
I spent a lot of time working on my Project with that template :frowning:

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can someone post an example without mouselook?