A simple animation done in Blender.

A timely topic…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NAw6wV54tM :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think this belongs in here since it is a political message and not a show worthy animation.

Yeah… no politi\cal messages on the boards… I think that counts… =/

I did this in Blender.

  1. I’m only a teenager, gimme a break.
  2. I stated, it’s a “simple” animation.
  3. I posted in the correct category.
  4. This is my very first video ever.

I have no opinion either way of the content of the message, and discussing it will certainly close the thread.

As for the animation though, it’s a decent titling animation, certainly “show worthy”, and the (new) artist should be congratulated for advancing on the huge learning curve that is Blender, instead of being criticised for the content of the art.


I agree with Mike_S. Look on it as a technical display rather than a message, and consider that it’s an initial foray into Blenderville. Clean, subtle, nicely timed.