A Simple Arcade Style Game

Ok, I have a newer version; both versions are available for download.

Here’s a game I’ve just started recently. It’s not a major project, and I don’t intend to give it a lot of polish; it’s just a test of an arcade game that seems to be working and has entertained me thus far.
I’m fine with people editing or otherwise using this, so long as I’m credited.

Controls are arrow keys to move and, in the second version, space bar to fire. In the first version, damage is caused by your engine trail, in the second version your engine trail just looks pretty.

Version 1

Version 2

Here are the two files: (Blender 2.48 only)


AlmostArcade.blend (535 KB)AlmostArcade v2.blend (291 KB)

it’s a little fast paced for me…

did you base this off of the flash game Dodge?

I did play that game recently, so it’s probably an influence. The actual gameplay is different in that enemies don’t hurt each other in this game, your engine trail does that.

I was actually thinking more of asteroids when I started this. (Hence the ship in space with screen looping)

Yeah, the difficulty/pace is weird, but I’m more worried about parts doing what I want them to do than being balanced.

Right now I’m playing with the particles that are the trail, making them change colours over time. (Much like the fluid of ICHOR, if you’ve heard of it)

awesome game! I am putting some new art in it:


wow that looks cool and so dose the other on

ah, I didn’t realize that the engine trail was the thing killing the enemies >.<

RE: jplur

Hmm, that does look nicer. My art was all fairly quickly created as I’m too lazy to make complex models at the moment.

Still playing with visual effects and ideas, this is what it looks like for me now:

All very conceptual still, but I like it.

very nice almost , good job .

hey, this is a good example for me to learn python
there is one thing I dont understand: where you set the hp bar? I understand you use anim IPO to change the length, but I dont find the set method in python