a simple bridge excersize

Hello everyone.

So, i was working on blenderville, and i got tired of it. So, i fired up blender and checked to make sure my skills were still working. I decided to make a bridge. The bridge isn’t that realistic, but it is fully mortared in just about every joint. I like it, so it works for me.

rendered with one sun lamp and a bit of AO.

tell me what you think!


and a very big res full view:

If you want to crit please view the big image first.


It’s a very nice bridge. I think in a complete scene it could become beautiful!

well, those arches certainly won’t hold together, let alone hold any additional weight on them. You shoud get some reference photos of real arches and understanding of the basics of them, because now it seems like you have no clue whatsoever about the architecture :slight_smile:
No offence meant :wink: