A Simple Cable. That needs to be animated.

Not sure if this should go in the modeling or animation section, but it relates strongly to both.

I need to model an audio cable (like one of those guitar cables with the 1/4" jack on the end of it) - what would be the best way for me to do so while still being able to animate it realistically?

And then, how do i make it bend and run along a specific path?
It is going to end up in an After Effects composition, and i want the cable to start off screen; then enter at the top left of the screen, travel to the top right, make a rounded 90 degree turn downwards, a couple more turns and paths and it goes off screen at the bottom right of the screen.

Please, please could you guys help me out? Would be greatly appreciated.

I used to be an average noob at Blender, but i haven’t used 3D for ages (so i’m very rusty at the moment) and i’ve never done my own animation (only followed tutorials), so a step-by-step/idiot’s guide would be greatly apprefciated :eyebrowlift:

P.S I’ve got the modeling of the actual audio jack done - i just need to know the best way to create the cable and to make it bend the way i want.

Thanks a lot

Curve Modifier?