A simple easy to use halo generator.

I just need a simple halo generator. I tried this one, and I found that it didn’t work so well with what I wanted. When I rendered, it looked great, but after I applied the render result to my plane, and used the add alpha setting; it was way to light. I need a halo texture generator that actually generates the texture of the halo. Anybody know of one?

EDIT: Never mind! I figured it out. It looks great! Here is the blend: halo maker.blend (136 KB) By the way, the blend is the halo maker from the link. I just modified it and moved my object away from the generator object.

turn on premul

Where is that?

premul means pre-multiply values of color information with alpha channel… you find that in the render pannel (under the x parts of the render)… don’t forget to render RGBA instead of RGB