A Simple Explanation

Hello, all! I would just like to know the guy guy in this video achieved the lightsaber setup. I mean, the nodes and everything else I understand. I would just like to know how he achieved those empties used as handles on the plane mesh…

This mystifies me entirely.

I would like it if I did not have to download the files, because I don’t want to download anything from rapidshare.

Sorry about not including the vid! It is now hyperlinked.

This appears to mystify many others as well…

  1. Add plane
  2. Edit mode, select 1 vertex
  3. Mesh–>Vertices–>Add Hook–> Empty
  4. Repeat for 3 remaining vertices (Add to new Empty)
  5. Object mode, select one of the empties, move it and the corner vertex of the plane will move with the empty.