A simple football game

A simple football game with one player and opponent NPC player. I actually made it a year or two ago, but I wasn’t on BA yet, and I didn’t think of posting it anywhere. But now, it’s here.
WASD = move around(relative to camera rotation);
Mouse left/right move = Z rotation;
Spacebar = jump.
P = pause/un-pause.

More controls you can get in-game.

To win, you or NPC must score 9 goals. Each time ball touches the gate and/or the border, it gets teleported to center. The player is blue cube, and NPC is represented as green cube. On the side stage is judge. For now he is just “decoration”, and the one who gives the prizes.

That’s, basically, all. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Note: game has 2 easter eggs in it. Both need jumping. And, of course, the game has some bugs. I found some already, but you can report if you found some.

foot_ball.zip (997 KB)