A simple game


A simple arcadey game with simplistic graphics.
I’m quite happy about how it turned out.

Use arrow keys, you get points from enemies that fall of the edges.


Dude. That is insanely fun! Like, that is one of the best simple blender games I’ve ever seen! Well done! I really like it :smiley:

very fun :slight_smile:

umm, for some reason i cant even start the game, all i get is the menu pops up. I tried enter, clicking, how can i play the game??

Try taking it out of GLSL mode?

Anyway, great game. my highscore is 59

Very simple, and quite fun- perhaps mouse controls would add some interest? Also, simple but flashy effects could be fun.

High score 62.

I cant play it :frowning: The menu pops up and I cant click anything. Also i get an error in the console

I like the simple controls, but gets a little boring after around 100 (High score 210). Are you thinking about adding different kinds of enemies?

ha aha nice game, my high score is 35… It’s not too simple, the gameplay is simple though… Very nice!

Ah, found out why it wasnt working; it decided to open it in 2.48. Fun game, simple yet addictive. High score was 76

I consider this a finished game, but I plan to make an improved version with all kinds of additions someday.

Does anyone have any comments about the logic/scripts?

It’s cool right now, although if you want some suggestions:

  • Make some sort of effect appear when your hit, like a small cartoon explosion that flashes on you when you hit something.
  • Also, it might be a good idea to remove the blue square when it hits you, since otherwise it just stays there touching you and is confusing.
  • The menu would look fancier if buttons temporarily appeared larger when you hover the mouse over them, which can be done pretty quickly with a scale ipo and a mouse hover sensor

Still, very fun for a simple concept like that.

Oh man, and motion blur makes it insanely awesome… although it does add significant lag

highscore=108 :cool:
[edit] aww… bluesocarrot is currently in the lead.[/edit]

What Name likes. You get an APPROVAL.

Wow, really fun to be that simple!

Edit: I managed 528. The trick is to travel in a diamond shape.

awesome!! really fun, simple game!!! im inspired!! :smiley: … i got 91 …

Lol, I got to 402. I would have totally gotten like a hundred more if one cube from that huge batch didn’t hit me. D:

This game is totally awesome, you need to develop it a bit more! :smiley:

I got 118! Definitely a winner game, this one!

Great job. The first blender game I have ever played and I’m most impressed. In the next version, you’ll have to make levels or something, so the diamond technique suggested by Dayanto is not a ticket to a massive score. I managed 55.

Dude, I spent hours playing this game and Aspirin. :yes:
I think I managed to get 250 or so…