A simple, good looking but compatible gls material

I think it is good idea to make a relative complex but compatible glsl material for BGE.
I think this example is good enough: useable for good looking materials and simple. For example I use only similar materials in my game:Dead Cyborg.

Please test this material (see .blend below) on your machine and make reports in this topic:
-your operating system
-your videocard
-send screenshot and infos if you have problems with this example material!
Result: check the attached image!

So the material:
-one UV (sorry, I have problems with multiple UVs with some ATI and with some integrated videocards)
-one color map multiplied by vertex color
-one normap map with alpha channel for specular and stencil
-a fake reflection/fresnel texture (angular map) that masked by the stencil (normal map alpha)

Very-very important, the lights - you must know the lights are compiled into the shader:
-one spot with shadow and with specular
-one spot with shadow but without specular
-4 other lamps without specular

You must know: specular is slow down the glsl render and makes very complex shader, so I always use that fake reflection/fresnel texture. So we have only one specular lamp.

And the blend (my very old horse model): http://etyekfilm.hu/good_glslmaterial_that_compatible.blend

And my report:
Windows XP
Geforce7600, Geforce7800
material works fine :slight_smile:

Other report with a laptop (intel atom 1.6Ghz)
Nvidia ion2
material works, not fast but works :slight_smile:

Ubuntu 10.10 i5 with on-processor integrated ‘HD’ graphics

Don’t work. Render black mostly.

If I turn of lights under shading in ‘Blender Game’ mode - it works and strangely it have specularity? Looks pretty good thanks to excellent textures even if it’s not what it’s supposed to be.

Mac OS X snow leopard
Geforce 9400 mgpu
60 fps, Its a terrible chip also but for some reason it stays solid at 60 fps. looks amazing

thank you all

For me it works fine in the 3d view, but when I start the game engine, the horses turn very dark, almost black. However, if I change the blend mode of the col_01 and col_02 textures from multiply to mix, it looks correct in the game engine (although doing so causes a splotch of red color that used to appear on the bases of the horses to disappear).

The frame rate does slow down a bit when I zoom in, but I have a really old graphics card(Nvidia GeForce 6800).

Testet on ATI Radeon 5670 on ubuntu.
Works and looks awesome!

Ubuntu 11.04 i5 with on-processor integrated ‘HD’ graphics - Works! (Yes - really works)

The speed is OK to. In blender it reports 25fps - in game mode I have 60fps for a small render and it stays above 25fps almost up to full screen. This is with two (2!) shadow casting lamps and in blender (blenderplayer is usually a bit faster for me).

Don’t know if it’s the latest blender builds or better drivers in Ubuntu 11.04 but my graphics have improved by magnitudes.

Think I celebrate :slight_smile:

works and looks nice!
intel Q9450 @ 3.2 GHz
old and roasted 9800gtx

alt+a 25fps
in game mode ~1100fps

Looks and performs great.

Alt+A: 25fps
In-game: 60fps

Arch Linux 64-bit
Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.2 GHz
nVidia GTX 285 2 GB @ stock

EDIT: This is with framerate capped. Can’t remember where to uncap the fps, but then again you probably knew it would run pretty well on my card.