A simple greeting

Hello, I guess I can start by introducing myself as an inexperienced programmer with an extreme imagination. Not to discourage any of you reading this as an “Over-excited Newbie with dreams of creating a MMORPG,” although in time that is the project I hope to accomplish. I have been using blender off an on for a few years now, never really having the time to fully understand all of its features or really do anything with it worth while, but as I have grown older and matured I have realized I have a knack for building objects, (once I reinstall blender again, which is now 2.4 instead of 2.32 heh, I will start to post various objects so you can see my dreams come to life so to speak) I however know nothing about programming, in fact the last thing I programmed was my ti-85 graphing calculator with a semi-interesting text mud to kill time. Hopefully with your help I will develop my skills into a worth programer/3d animator. I am a quick study and if I didn’t work a 10 hour a day job I would certainly dedicate more time to learning a programming language. I have an odd ability to read and understand code, I can tell you what the function is supposed to do, or at least what I think it’s supposed to do but I couldn’t tell you how to write a simple program to display hello world. I have an understanding of most features of blender. I can create objects and move them on simple tracts, however I have much to learn about texturing and lighting and how to get objects to track to and stand up right on my world mesh. Over all I look forward to your posts and with a lot of time and a little luck, hopefully a bright and beautiful game world.

The N00B Shock~Nova

Not to discourage you, but just knowing the syntax of any given programming language is not enough to actually make worthwhile/advanced applications. Learning how to program is a “years” long task, learning a programming language is the first step, not the end solution.

Now for the good news. I made a python programming tutorial in relation to the BGE API:


However, it would probably be best if you became familiar with all the logic brick functions first (maybe you already are?), before advancing to python programming.

O, and welcome to the community.

Oh I am no where near discouraged, I know that this is not going to happen over night; in fact I have a feeling this is going to be something that might just make my girlfriend jealous! To answer your question no I don’t have any working knowledge of logic bricks. Mostly I just wanted to let you guys know where I stand on general programming terms. My first steps are going to be baby steps, simple scene renders (I can make a scene just not light it properly) little tweaks like getting the feel of texturing correctly and not sloppy, as my previous attempts have been. I have no intentions of just trying to jump into the thick of a game, even a simple 2d one lol. Crawl first then walk I believe is how it is said.

Wow. That’s certainly a refreshing point of view. Welcome to blenderartists. :]

EDIT: Said ‘blender’ instead of ‘blenderartists’

Hurray! Finnaly a new blender artist who is nice and understanding. He even comes with the complete sintences :eek: and grammer! Lets do well here today and not destroy this one.

( Yes, you seem to already know of our past experiences with all that non-sense. MMORPG, FPS, the list goes on and on…)

Anyhow, hey, whats up? Welcome, and I hope with hard studies and practices you can achieve your blender dreams!

                          ~Just a guy who was once mean and is trying to be nice....." Trying"