A simple (I hope) question

I just started with this beta 2.8 a couple of weeks ago, and haven’t figured out how to delete saved .blend files from the File Browser. It used to be a fairly simple process as I recall. It’s now gotten to the point where I’ve been considering saving the files I want to keep in another place, then stripping the program completely from my computer, then reinstalling. Any help would be much appreciated.

This option was removed in recent releases because Blender were deleting files completely, without putting them in a bin first, which was considered to be undesirable.

What? Why do you trying to achieve?

Because there are dozens of large unnecessary files there, files I will never need, and it only gets worse with time.

Where is this “there”? Can’t just go to this folder using the file explorer and delete it manually?

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Actually a solution just occurred to me. Going back to 2.79 would solve my problem. I don’t use Evee often, anyway.

Doh! Too much coffee, I guess. I just remembered that I still have 2.79 on my hard drive. I’ll just keep it for that purpose and keep using 2.8. Thanks for the response.

If you really wish, you can add Delete back to the File Browser keymap like so:


However, note that this feature is extremely dangerous, because it will permanently and immediately delete the data.

Delete will be added back by default when it makes proper use of the system trash.

I might be misunderstanding your question, but I just wanted to mention…

Blender does not store your files in some “mystical blendersphere”, they are just saved on your normal file system, meaning that you can just delete files with your normal file browser. No need to have Blender to remove files.

Also, uninstalling Blender will not remove any of your saved .blend files, only the Blender software itself. The Blender software and your .blend files are two completely independent things.