A Simple Mouse (easy!) and how I did it

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I’m a newbie myself, but I can write a tutorial on THIS one.
Here is how I did it.
Please point out what can be done better, simpler, etc.

Subdivide all faces of the default cube once. Apply SubSurf modifier.
Give some crease at the bottom (for it should somewhat flat)
Apply the subsurf to get smooth mesh with many faces. Set smooth.
Turn on the button which restricts all selections to visible objects.
Strike B twice and with the brush-like tool, select the buttons area. use ALT as necessary.
Strike P to separate it as an another mesh object.
Then in Object mode, select both and press CTRL+J to join them as one mesh.
(What I actually did instead of separation:
Make a clone (SHIFT+D) of that region up there. Keep CTRL to snap to grid while moving it.
Select the same region again and delete faces.)
For ease of operation, use H to hide the body while we split the buttons.
To break it into two buttons, use separate and join again.
Scale each button to 90%.
add > mesh > circle in front view. Delete half of it.
Select the two end points of the hemicircle and extrude it to a suitable proportion.
Place the 3D cursor at the extruded point, which will mark the axis of rotation.
How many teeth do you want? Spin 360 degrees in 32 steps if you want 16 like me.
Delete all but three rotated copies: the original and two flanking ones.
Use ALT+RMB (loop select) to select the original arch.
With the 3D cursor at the axis of rotation, scale down or up in Z direction.
Select the whole thing and spin 360 degrees at 16 turns.
Remove doubles.
Set Smooth, and apply EdgeSpit modifier. The teeth will become clear again.
Select a few few faces where the wheel should be.
Subdivide those faces, and delete face as needed.
Extrude the whole buttons mesh in Z direction to an appropriate thinkness.
Place the wheel in the hole, and if needed, put the two buttons closer together, or move the faces at the edge.
Press ALT+H to unhide the body.
Select the whole body and make sure that the pivot is Bounding Box Center. Extrude the whole body but toward nowhere.(press ESC.) Scale the extruded shell to 97%.
Put the wheel and buttons in place. Re-adjust their size and location as needed.
For the black body, I only cared about these things:

  • Make sure spe color is only a little brighter than the body color.
  • apply Noise texture on Nor only. This will create some emboss effect.
    And for the white wheel:
  • Just give it sufficient light so it will shine (like energy 2.0 lamp)
  • If you care, give Ray Mirror and use a colored World. That will create the feeling of reflection.
    Noobie tutorial for other Noobies ( THE END )


mouse.blend (424 KB)

Here you can see one good general method for comp-mouse modeling:


Thanks a lot.
Well, but I have never used 3DS MAX, and I don’t fully understand it.
Anyway, it was an eye-opener.
I once was satisfied with my mouse, but now I’m looking for other tutorials based on Blender.