A simple office chair.

Hello everyone!

I haven’t been here in a while, I think I made this account like… a year or two ago after I first started getting interested in blender, and like all of my interests it shortly died a couple months after. :o

But now I’ve picked up blender again and I’m literally amazing myself! (Although I probably won’t amaze you at all…)

Anyways my model, which happens to be the first thing I set my eyes on after i opened blender and took an ASTOUNDING 10 minutes to do, is an office chair:

[How Exciting.]

I didn’t render it at all because it’d look like garbage, and I need some serious help with creating realistic textures in blender. I CAN NOT stress it enough.

Seriously, the materials tab seems like some complex passageway that I don’t have the key too, it’s really frustrating… :no: