A simple plane with png texture ---> does not display correctly.


A simple plane, transparent, with a “Searching for target” transparent png as a texture.
But why does it show like that ? I want the message to appear plain yellow, as in the .png file.

The .png is the following. It was saved as png-24, with Photoshop 6.0. Saving as png-8 produces
the same result and problem.

SOLVED : I checked “Stencil” in the texture and it is displayed correctly :slight_smile:

Sorry to take up your time, spent two hours on this before posting and now I find it… duh !

Hm, should with two textures.
Here is a test.

Cheers, mib.

EDIT: make testfile and don´t saw your post, anyway. :slight_smile:


target.blend (555 KB)

Thanks! Your solution is much simpler and this is what I was trying to do in the beginning, but failed.

Your example works fine, even if I make the material transparent (but must turn on Influence --> Alpha
of the texture)

In my case this is not enough, I had to turn on “Stencil” too… dont ask me why, I do not have a clue !! :slight_smile:
In your example this is not needed.

A million thanks, buddy, cheers !