A simple Platformer

I have recently made a simple platformer using the BGE I am still working on it as a home project and am only using it to further my knowledge of the BGE. All assets are made by me including music at the moment there is only one shader which is a bloom shader created by someone else. Any textures you guys want feel free to ask. Until I’m done with the project I will not post a video but I will post the exe at different stages of the creation. Also forgive the music it at the moment does not fit the game i will make a better song when I have the chance.

Here is the game, using Google drive to upload so I hope it works well. Download

I really like it it is fun and the music sounds awesome :slight_smile: but you might need to edit the guy, you should make like a sprite, and possibly use replace mesh with it so that it switches textures, but i enjoy the music it is so awesome, anyways nice development :smiley: and good luck

Thanks right now the cube is a simple place holder nothing just so I could get the controls down but I’m really glad you liked the music. I was originally going to put in a actualy 3d character but I never thought of doing sprites that way it would be a pain to animate but I’ll see what I can do thanks for the idea.

yeah making lot’s of sprites is a pain, but it will look good, or you could just rename your project to the cube adventures and then it would make more sense :smiley: Have you tried using SSAO and Retinex? Or are you already using it?
Anyways is the music short because I can’t really understand?
But apart from that, it’s all I wanted to ask

At the moment the only shader I’m using is a bloom shader and I was going to change the cube soon and yeah the music is short but I was going to make a more calm song later to better fit the game better.